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CAP Calls for Rehabilitation of Paddy Fields in Kampung Ewa, Langkawi

The Consumers Association of Penang urges the Department of Agriculture Kedah and the Drainage and Irrigation Department to take immediate action to assist 30 farmers in Kampung Ewa, Langkawi Island to rehabilitate their paddy fields which have remained idle for the past three years.

The paddy fields covering about 100 acres have been left unattended due to insufficient water supply to irrigate the paddy fields in this village.

CAP is concerned that Kerian farmers livelihood will be affected due to poor soil condition

The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) urged the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry to study and take necessary action to resolve the problem of poor soil condition in the paddy fields in Kerian District, Perak. The soil here is liquefied, soft and mucky.

CAP is concerned that if the poor soil problem is not tackled immediately it may affect the income and livelihood of the farmers in this area and undermine the country’s agriculture sector in the future.

Ramadhan: Do not be wasteful or extravagant, remember the suffering poor

Today is the beginning of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and Muslims worldwide will observe fasting and in the evening perform the tarawih prayer in mosques and surau.

Ramadan is a holy month, a month when the al-Quran that is full of lessons for mankind was revealed. We should be prepared to welcome this month with the hope that it will make us a better human being in the sight of Allah SWT.

Disclosure by a local newspaper about wastefulness during Ramadan is appalling. The report revealed that 1,000 tonnes of food is thrown away by Malaysians a day during the fasting month. 1,000 one-tonne trucks are needed to transport the waste that is dumped and this amount can provide for 7 million people.

World Cup in South Afica: Separating Myths and Realities

world-cupThere is more than meets the eye in the euphoria surrounding the soccer World Cup.

Offering an unapologetic public critique of the FIFA Soccer World Cup at the height of the collective frenzy of positive expectation, feel-good nationalism and general public excitement that now exists in our country is a risky thing to do. But it is a risk that needs to be taken precisely because, no matter what the context, myths always need to be separated from realities. In the case of the "greatest show on Earth", leaving aside the very real beauty and enjoyment of the game of soccer, the myth-making has created a situation akin to inhaling tik – a short-lived high/euphoria that obscures all reality, followed by a rapid, depressing "come down" back to that reality.

Why are your teenagers reading vampire novels?

twilight1Why do teenagers eat the Twilight novels? Why do they follow the adventures of young Bella and her vampire lover Edward? What do they think they see? Recently, I encountered some fans. "You are attracted to it because it is dangerous," says Camila, 13. "There is something that sucks you in."

"I have Twilight written on my hand right now," says Morag, 11, whispering down the telephone (with her parents' permission). "Once you are gripped you cannot get ungripped. I am completely obsessed."