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Address problems in Pantai Merdeka immediately

CAP urges the Kedah state government to pay serious attention and take immediate action to address the problem of cleanliness and dire state of basic amenities in a picnic area in Pantai Merdeka near Sungai Petani.

CAP’s survey revealed that the area is contaminated with wastewater and all kinds of waste. The equipment in the children’s playground was also in dilapidated condition and dangerous.   

The waste in the drains is not only an eyesore but the situation worsens when water flow is blocked and remains stagnant because of the defective and narrow drainage system.

The floor of the food court here is slippery and dirty as some of the sinks are leaking and yet to be repaired. The condition here is not only affecting the appetite of visitors at the food stalls but it can also affect the safety of those passing by.

These problems should not occur because the traders here pay rental amounting from RM50.00 to RM150.00 monthly to the Local Authority.

Most despairing is that some equipment on the children’s playground at Merdeka Beach is broken and rusty. CAP is concerned and believes that if the play-things are not repaired, the safety of the children who play here would be threatened. Playground equipment that is broken, rusty and sharp can cause injury.

CAP is disappointed that although Pantai Merdeka is one of the famous picnic spots in the country and visited by many, the basic amenities and surroundings in this area were neglected, poorly maintained and not given adequate attention.

In view of this, CAP calls on the Kedah state government, Majlis Perbandaran Sungai Petani (MPSPK) and Majlis Daerah Kuala Muda (MDKM) to investigate and take immediate action to resolve the problems here.

Press Statement - 18 September 2013