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Cruelty of the international bird trade

People are fascinated at the sight and chirping of birds in pet shops and are willing to pay huge sums just to own an exotic species.

But "bird lovers" show hardly any concern at the trauma suffered by birds captured in their country of origin, during transportation and mortality before reaching the country of destination.

Malaysian wildlife kingpin mentioned in National Geographic: Make investigations public

national-geographicSahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) had received queries on follow-up action pertaining to the National Geographic report, “Asia’s Wildlife Trade: The Kingpin” (Jan 2010), concerning the alleged involvement of a high-ranking officer from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks with a notorious wildlife dealer.

Frogs are in danger of extinction

frogFrogs which play an important part in reducing the number of insects and pests in padi fields are commonly slaughtered to satisfy the palates of Malaysian gourmets. Seasoned with garlic and fried chillies frogs are a gastronomic delight in restaurants. Frog meat and legs have become the pride of Malaysian cuisine.

Without creepy crawlies we won't survive

In his book, The Diversity of Life, renowned entomologist Edward O. Wilson discusses the importance of insects and land-dwelling arthropods in the ecosystem, saying that “if [they] all were to disappear, humanity probably could not last more than a few months”. Most other life forms, like amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals would also become extinct because of the domino effect that would occur in the food chain.

The very word insects conjures up images of creepy crawlies that hide in dark places and jump at you when you least expect it. People are actually terrified of them and they are always viewed as a nuisance.

The rights of an ant

Raju Z Moray

I SAW a little red ant crawling up my sleeve. Without batting an eyelid I slapped it out of existence. Nothing unusual? Right! You would have done the same thing yourself? Absolutely! Now just wait a minute. Think of it this way. I just sentenced a living creature to death. It had done me no harm. It was probably just lost and trying to find its way home. To its loved ones, waiting. But I had a fear. Fear that it may bite me. So it was my problem. My psychological problem. And I killed another living creature because of it.