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Report: Friends of the Earth warn ADB: Stop coal financing or jeopardise Asia's future

Asian Development Bank 50th Annual General Meeting, Yokohama, Japan

Friends of the Earth Asia Pacific today released a report calling on the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to cease all funding of coal projects, saying that its current climate and energy policies are incompatible and hypocritical.

This year the ADB turns 50, and in the last decade alone it has financed over US $3 billion in coal projects across the Asia Pacific region and was one of the largest international public financiers of coal. Friends of the Earth Asia Pacific, a network of environmental and social justice groups across the region says this must stop now if we are to avert dangerous climate change.

TV retards your child's development

"A 'good' brain for learning develops strong and widespread neural highways that can quickly and efficiently assign different aspects of a task to the most efficient system… Such efficiency is developed only by active practice in thinking and learning which, in turn, builds increasingly stronger connections. A growing suspicion among brain researchers is that excessive television viewing may affect the development of these kinds of connections."
Jane M. Healy, Ph.D, author of Endangered Minds: Why Children Don't Think And What We Can Do About It.

What is the outcome of discussions between the Ministry of Information and MCMC with Astro?

Astro has already started billing subscribers with the new rates despite the many objections raised by subscribers and Parliament. Contradicting statements were made by various authorities leaving subscribers confused. Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) has been inundated with calls from aggrieved subscribers.

Potholes a danger to motorists

CAP calls on the Penang State Government to immediately act on the problem of potholes in Penang Island especially after continuous rainfall over the last few days.

Appalling Ferry Services in Marudi

Residents in Marudi are fuming over the appalling ferry services provided by a private contractor. Since 2005, Marudi residents and those who regularly travel on land to Marudi have had to settle for poor ferry services and pay exorbitant rates for a mere 2 minute crossing over two rivers.