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Elephants are no match for poachers

Elephants are no match for poachers. The macabre butchering of two Borneo pygmy elephants shows that poachers abound in almost every corner of the country or state waiting to strike when least expected.

In the past, pygmy elephants have become the victims of poisoning reportedly by oil palm plantation workers to deter elephants from eating the fruit of the palm trees.  Last September a group of elephants were stuck in a mud pool in Rinukut for a week leaving seven  dead.


The Consumers’ Association of Penang is shocked to find that there is a proliferation of liquor shops in the Little India area here in Penang. We strongly believe that liquor shops should not be allowed to set up in places with homes and offices.

We have received complaints about liquor shops opening up tables along the roadside to seat the people who patronize their shops. The tables that are opened up far exceed the parameters of their shops premises and encroach on the space of their neighbours (other businesses that have closed for the day).


Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) urges the Kedah government to take immediate action to stop logging activities in Bukit Perangin, district of Kubang Pasu  because it threatens the environment and affects the lives of residents living near the area.

In addition to polluting the river water which is used by more than 400 villagers for their daily use, paddy farmers in the area were also affected. Among the villages affected by this problem are  Kampung Wang Perah, Kampung Bukit and Kampung Kubang Betong.

Skinned Alive For The Exotic Fashion Industry

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) is strongly opposed to the exploitation of wildlife for the exotic skins trade mainly for the luxury fashion industry.  The trade in exotic animal and reptile skins in particular generates thousands of animal victims to fulfil the demands of luxury fashion houses.

The  recent decision by  the Natural and Environment Ministry  to expand the python skin trade into the European market once the ban imposed by the European Union (EU) is lifted, shows that monetary gains overrides all other concerns.  It is a depressing facet of human nature that short term monetary gain is  substitute for common sense and long term planning.