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The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) is of the view that Oktoberfest, a German beer festival, should never be permitted at all and we have been consistent in our stand.

We launched a nationwide anti-alcohol campaign in 1988 to tackle the problem from different angles. This tireless effort came in the form of numerous letters and memos to the authorities, coaxing them to take action, especially in the form of effective legislation.

CAP SAM Very Distressed By Flood Tradegy

The Consumers’ Association of Penang and Sahabat Alam Malaysia  are very distressed by the tragedy that has taken place yesterday and early morning today in Penang.

The floods, landslides and the disruption of people's lives are even much worst than what happened on 15th Sept.

Yes - there was non stop rain and very high winds, but the major factor causing this has been the removal of the hill forests, silting of the rivers and overdevelopment in Penang which has replaced the green areas with concrete. This has resulted in the heavy rainfall not being able to be drained because the rivers and drainage system are clogged up by silt that cannot clear the rain water.

Malaysia should not give in to a new TPP

In the next few days, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Trade and Industry will be making a major decision on behalf of Malaysia on whether to join other countries to revive and sign a new Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) without the United States.

They will be at a meeting in Danang, Vietnam, where the remaining 11 TPP countries (including Malaysia) are meeting to agree to a new text of the TPP, which they hope will be signed in Danang by the political leaders in the next few days.

Act immediately on Reggae chain of hostels

The Consumers Association of Penang today calls on the Commissioner of Tourism to immediately check whether license has been issued to the controversial Reggae chain of hostels in Penang and Kuala Lumpur and if registered, to charge the registered owner or proprietor for contravening the Tourism Industry Act 1992 and if not then to revoke their registration immediately. The Local Councils should also act against these hostels.
This call is made in view of the hostel’s announcement that the hostel does not accept bookings by Malaysian, Indian and Middle Eastern nationals.  This is a new form of “Apartheid” and total discrimination against a selected group of people.