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CAP and SAM deplore lack of transparency on release of GM mosquitoes

CAP and Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) are very shocked to learn from press reports today that GM Aedes mosquitoes were released on 21 Dec 2010 in Bentong, Pahang.  This despite statements in the press in January 2011 by senior Biosafety Department officials saying that the trials had been postponed due to bad weather.
We deplore the lack of transparency on the issue, in particular the way in which the Institute for Medical Research (IMR) released its press statement more than one month after the trials began.  Given that the release of GM mosquitoes has attracted criticism, we condemn the apparently secretive manner in which the trials have been conducted.  Such behavior does not do anything to allay the public’s fears and concerns.  We are deeply disappointed that the trials have gone ahead in spite of the widespread national and international concern over GM mosquitoes.

We hold the concerned agencies fully responsible for the consequences of the release of the GM mosquitoes.

Urgent Press Statement - 26 January 2011

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