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Publicise Names of Dirty Food Factories

The Consumers’ Association of Penang commends the Health Authorities in Penang for taking a bold move in closing down dirty food factories in the state. A similar crackdown should be carried out nationwide. Food safety should not be taken lightly.


However CAP feels that compounds and closures serve neither to stop errant owners from repeating their mistakes nor as an effective deterrent to others in the food industry.

Every year more than a thousand offences are recorded. This should not be the case anymore. We should aim for zero offences.

For greater effectiveness in the drive towards hygienic food factories, CAP urges the authorities to:-

-- Make public the name of factory to serve as a punishment for the errant owners and also as a deterrent others for violating under Food Hygiene Regulation 2009.

-- Authorities should direct the factories involved to remove the food items from the market/shelves. This is because these items were made in conditions that violated the Food Hygiene Regulations 2009 and hence may be tainted or contaminated.

Press statement, 12 Sept 2014