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CAP calls for a moratorium on import of genetically modified products

We call on the Malaysian government to impose a moratorium on all Genetically Modified (GM) products imported into the country for food, feed and processing. This call is on the wake of results of a new study which revealed serious health impacts of the widely-used Roundup herbicide and the Roundup tolerant GM maize NK603 (cultivated with or without Roundup).

Danger Lurks in Fast Food


The Consumers Association of Penang calls on consumers to be careful when they indulge in fast food. Besides being high in fats sugar or salt, fast food could lead to severe food poisoning.
Recently a family in Sydney won a case against fast food giant KFC after salmonella poisoning left their daughter paralysed. The victim was awarded $8 million (RM25.5 million), but KFC will appeal the case.

Paper Banana Leaf is cheap and unhealthy substitute for the real one

The Consumers Association of Penang calls on consumers to refrain from eating meals served on paper banana leaf as it deprives the consumer from getting the benefits and the authenticity of the traditional banana leaf meals. Besides it is an unhealthy and cheap substitute for the real one.


Ban the use of carbide gas to ripen fruits


A survey by CAP shows that Malaysians are consuming toxic fruits which are ripened by a hazardous chemical, calcium carbide. This poses great health risks to consumers.

Calcium carbide has cancer-causing properties and is capable of causing neurological disorders. It can result in tingling sensation, numbness and peripheral neuropathy. If pregnant women consume fruit ripened with carbide, the children born could develop abnormalities.

The Government should be stringent in issuing Halal certification

The Consumers’ Association of Penang is shocked and concerned of the recent revelation regarding content of pig DNA in food products that is widely consumed by Muslims.

The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia/Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) had just recently revealed the results of analysis conducted by the Chemistry Department of Malaysia on HP Sauce and Tabasco Pepper Sauce which confirmed the presence of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of pig.