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Is our rice safe from banned endosulfan?

riceThe Consumers Association of Penang is appalled by the Pesticide Board not taking action to eradicate the pesticide endosulfan.

Endosulfan, a highly acute toxin and a suspected endocrine disruptor, was banned in 2005 under the Pesticides Act 1974.

25 years of inaction: Boric acid still in food

boric-acid1The Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) is shocked that banned boric acid is still found in food, in spite of our numerous calls to the Ministry of Health for the last 25 years to take action on the issue.

CAP’s latest test on various types of food such as Bak chang (Chinese dumpling), yellow noodles and Nyonya kuih found boric acid to be present in all the samples tested.

Is MSG safe?

msg-food1Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), a popular flavouring substance commonly used in home-cooked and restaurant foods — as well as in most processed, packaged and frozen foods — is a long-trusted food seasoning in Malaysia.

The food industry tells us it’s “natural” and “safe”. But eater, beware: A growing mountain of evidence indicates that MSG may be more toxic than we know.

Don't milk the school milk scheme

Recently, repeated cases of food poisoning among schoolchildren after consuming milk under the school milk scheme forced authorities to put a temporary halt to this scheme. However, the scheme resumed in June - following checks and assurances that the milk scheme was up to standard.

Unfortunately, food poisoning incidents are surfacing again in spite of the additional precautions taken by the Government. 57 students in one school in Bachok, and another 60 students in Baling were reported to have been affected following the consumption of milk in their schools. These children complained of stomach ache and vomiting and were given medical treatment at nearby clinics.

Revoke and remove approved GM food from our shelves

Most consumers all over the world are unwittingly eating food produced from genetically modified (GM) crops. Even in Malaysia, most of us do not know that we may already be eating GM food as foods containing GM ingredients are already on sale here. Consumers unknowingly buy them, as foods containing GM ingredients may not be immediately apparent, unless it is stated in the label.