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Nearly 3,000 chemical additives are added to our foods.
MYR 5.00

Find out the truth about label claims and what are the hidden ingredients in baby foods.
MYR 2.50

Find out how modern food destroys mental health and what to eat to prevent mental illness
MYR 5.00

A CAP Guide to the hidden hazards in food and how you can avoid them.
MYR 20.00

Eating right is the cornerstone of good health.Optimal health lies not only in good nutrition and good living habits, but also our eating behaviour.
MYR 6.00

Herbs are rich in nutrients and abundant with medicinal values. Herbs boost one’s health and come in handy during minor ailments. They too add flavour and aroma to our food.
MYR 4.00

This guide shows you the nutrients in local fruits. Know what to consume for the nutrient you may lack.
MYR 5.50

This book is a guide to Halal/Haram foods, an issue that is important to Muslims.
MYR 18.00

The home garden is traditionally a very important piece of land for rural households.
MYR 2.50

Caffeine is toxic and addictive and works like narcotics. It affects nearly every organ of the body - from your brain, to your reproductive organs and your skin.
MYR 2.50

Instant noodles have very high sodium levels. In one serving alone, many of them have higher levels than the WHO’s daily sodium limit. Find out more about other dangers in INSTANT NOODLES.
MYR 5.00

Find out how MSG cures commercial food producer's pocketbooks and kills consumers' health.
MYR 4.00

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