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MBF cards promotion - Tribunal awards consumer

Consumers often find that they have been misled by advertisements — the offer is not what it appears to be. Many choose not to pursue the matter further but not Bryan Chua of Tawau.

Sending of unsolicited messages to mobile phones must be stopped

Short messaging service (SMS) is one of the medium of communication being used commonly nowadays by hand phone users. However SMS can also be used to commit crime and fraud by various parties. Mobile phones are now being blasted with so many unwanted or unsolicited short messages. Unsolicited messages include advertisement-linked messages, contest winning messages, pornographic messages and so on.

No-Fault Liability IS the better scheme

The Government has not accepted CAP’s proposal for a No-Fault Liability (NFL) scheme for road accident victims and has instead decided to maintain the present system with some changes.

The new third party motor cover which will be implemented early next year, is also a fault-based liability (FBL) system.  Accident victims will lose out with the rejection of the NFL scheme.

Unacceptable increase in the cost of using cheques

Bank Negara’s proposal to increase the cost of using cheques from 15 sen to 65 sen beginning April 2014, is unwarranted and should be withdrawn.

Before the debt trap gets deeper...

You do not find yourself up to your neck in debts overnight. These things take time. There are signs to watch out for.  If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms below, you’ re over-extending yourself financially. It is time to do something about it.