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Adopt zero tolerance for road crashes


CAP is deeply saddened by the recent spate of bus crashes and that the Malaysian authorities are unable to stop the killing on our roads. The authorities are plainly inept and irresponsible in their “inability” to stop our road carnage.

 About 19 people are killed in the 1,267 road crashes that happen in Malaysia daily. If this does not warrant drastic emergency and comprehensive measures, we don't know what else will shake up our authorities from their complacency. We need measures that will work to stop the road killings now. If road deaths are given the same media and public scrutiny as flight MH370, we are sure the authorities will be awakened and forced to act. The loss of lives from road crashes is equivalent to a loss of flight MH370 every 12 days.

A radical approach to road safety is badly wanting

The number of road deaths in Malaysia is steadily climbing, despite the government spending millions and creating multiple agencies to tackle the issue. According to police statistics, the number of road deaths has increased from 6,286 in 2003 to 6,877 in 2012 while the accidents went up from 298,653 to 462,423. We have got our thinking, data systems, organizational infrastructure, policies and programs all wrong and unless we set them right we will continue to see increasing tragedies on our roads.

MH370: Some neglected issues

The disappearance and crash of MH-370 is a very sad incident which has been very much in the news recently. Our hearts go out to the families of the people travelling on the flight and we feel deeply sorry and concerned about the extraordinary ordeal  of emotional ups and downs to which they have been subjected.

Review safety requirements for crane operations

CAP calls on the government to review and tighten procedures relating to the safe operation of cranes, in view of the increasing number of crane accidents. In the recent crane accident in Georgetown, Penang, two workers on the skylift mounted on a crane were injured and one motorcyclist was killed. This incident raises a number of questions related to work safety and road safety. An immediate enquiry should be carried out.

Was the Genting crash really fated to happen?

The Genting bus crash is undoubtedly the worst bus tragedy so far with no less than 37 deaths. Was it really fated to happen? CAP believes that it was not something fated to happen, which is an act of God, but something waiting to happen due to human negligence in all sectors.