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Was the Genting crash really fated to happen?

The Genting bus crash is undoubtedly the worst bus tragedy so far with no less than 37 deaths. Was it really fated to happen? CAP believes that it was not something fated to happen, which is an act of God, but something waiting to happen due to human negligence in all sectors.

Opposing AES will be irresponsible

Any delay in the implementation of AES (Automatic Enforcement System) is not justified, in view of the fact that we are losing nearly 7,000 lives annually and more than 4 times as many motorists are injured. Opposing its implementation would be irresponsible. Parliamentarians should help to speed up the implementation.

CAP calls on the relevant authorities once again to make whatever corrections that has been found wanting and immediately implement AES without further delay.

Letter to the Editor - 15 October 2012

Investigate cause of vehicle fires

Malaysia has experienced a spate of vehicle fires of late, some of which involving luxury cars and an SUV. These fires were not caused by collision as the cars caught fire while they were moving and some others while they were parked. The causes of these vehicle fires remain unexplained and unresolved.


Hazardous roads in Georgetown

Urgent steps need to be taken by the authorities to address the movement of vehicles along a few key roads in Georgetown. Failure to do so may result in unnecessary road accidents during peak hours.

Incessant national tragedies on our roads


National tragedies on our roads keep repeating incessantly. Since 2007, after a series of  express bus accidents, we have been talking about Vehicle Safety Standards and bus driver management system in order to bring down express bus accidents. However, until today we have not implemented these standards or regulations. CAP urges the authorities to stop wasting any more time over this all important matter.