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Electrical shock: It does not take much to upset the heart's rhythm and kill

Water and electricity don't mix. You've probably heard this a thousand times. Don't forget it. Teach it to your kids. It's an important rule of home safety. A common misconception is that it takes a large jolt of electricity to upset the heart's rhythm, while in fact, about one-third of an ampere — barely enough to light a light bulb — is enough to kill.

Slash Your Utility Bills

Choose energy-efficient household appliances

THE appliances that heat or cool are the big energy guzzlers. The iron, kettle, water heater, refrigerators, and air conditioner use a lot more energy than appliances like radio, TV and lights. So anything that increases the efficiency of these appliances by even a little can provide significant savings.

A cheaper electrical appliances is not necessarily better than a more expensive model because your initial savings could be swallowed up by higher energy costs and shorter life-span of the appliance.