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Address Water Supply Problem to Paddy Fields in Charok Sikin

CAP supports KEDA’s effort to rehabilitate idle land
The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) urges the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) Kedah to assist the Kedah Regional Development Authority (KEDA) to overcome the problem of water supply to paddy fields in Kampung Charok Sikin, district of Baling here.

Why money madness is bad for your body and soul

money-madnessWhich do you value more – your money or your life?  In today’s consuming culture, most people wouldn’t mind having more money to spend.  But while money matters in life, ie for meeting basic needs, always wanting more, or having more and spending more may not necessarily be a good thing.  Too much money shatters one’s life.

Simple solutions to troubling problems

A lot of us are faced with problems that hamper our everyday lives and daily chores. Some are difficult to handle but many can be settled with simple solutions.

Food safety tips

There are many types of fresh and processed foods. Some are frozen, some dried and some canned. How do we handle the food safety issues in these foods?

What happens when our main source of knowledge is ads?

By Ed Ayres

Recently I recalled a TV commercial I had seen, in which it was suggested to us that eating fast food while watching solitary TV is a good way to “get on with your life”. I thought that ad was “criminal”.