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Plastic money: Too hot to handle?

It is tempting. It is convenient. Almost everyone you know has one. So should you or shouldn’t you get a credit card? After all, you need an income of only  RM1,500 a month to qualify for one. And as the ads want us to believe, it is no mere piece of plastic: With it you can spend freely while earning respect and envy. But ask yourself: Do I need it? And most of all, can I handle it?

How to stop smoking

quit-smoking1SMOKERS don't need to be told that their habit is disgusting, anti-social and will probably make them die earlier. The problem is how to give up, for most smokers would like to if they could.

Ladder safety tips

Celebrations and festivities often mean a big cleanup or repainting work. You will probably be using a ladder to get at those hard-to-reach places. When using this contraption, be careful. Misuse of ladders can lead to accidents.

To avoid ending up with an arm or a leg in a cast, why not take a few hints from the following.

Disposing of household nasties - safely

Wondering what to do with all those chemical nasties lurking in your cupboards? Here's how to dispose of them safely.
Next time you have a big clean-up, stop and consider what happens to all those old medicines, pesticides, pool chemicals, cleaners, paint thinners and batteries after you've thrown them in the bin or down the sink, or hosed them down the gutter.

Be a Smart Spender

You’ve worked hard for your money. You deserve to spend it anyway you like.

We are with you all the way on that. (And you thought we were going to say “Don’t spend your money on this and that”, didn’t you?)

We strongly believe it is important that you spend your money on what you really need (not on what adverts or other people say that you should have). We also believe that you should get value for your money.