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About 500 residents in Kampung Sematang Tepi Laut and Kampung Tengku Laksamana, Kuala Kedah, Kedah face various problems  because of the access road to their village is badly damaged.

The road conditions not only affect their comfort but also could threaten the safety of the villagers if not repaired immediately.


Consumer culture undermines your well-being

Our unlimited wants, unending needs, uncontrolled spending, unnecessary buys and unbridled acquisitions have all resulted in one thing – an unhappy life, social scientists warn.These findings emerge at a time when the consumer culture has reached a fever pitch, comments Myers, also the author of the 2000 book, The American Paradox: Spiritual Hunger in an Age of Plenty.  

Owning more things and accruing more wealth may provide only a partial fix; it does not ensure long-term happiness. Research shows that when people fulfil their lives around extrinsic goals such as product acquisition, they report greater unhappiness in relationships, poorer moods and more psychological problems.

Eating well with less money

Can we get well with less money?  It's not only possible. It is true that good food is cheaper because processed foods can be very expensive. Natural and fresh foods are also more nutritious. They also have no food additives which are added not for eating, but for longer shelf-life; replace lost colours and flavours; and other needs of the food industry.

Baking soda: a safe multipurpose cleaner

Many of us spend too much money and too much time on household cleaning. Is it really necessary to have one product for the kitchen tiles and another for the bath?

Baking soda is a readily available household product. It is also called Sodium Bicarbonate or Bicarbonate of Soda. It is a cheap yet very effective tool in your home for combating odours, cleaning and sanitising.

There are many reasons to use baking soda in your home, but the number one reason is because this is a natural substance that will not harm you, your family or the environment.

Baking soda is a safe product that you can even eat. Baking soda is used in a huge variety of foods that we eat everyday.

How to be positive

MAY has a wonderful life. She has a loving husband, two healthy children and a cosy home. Her outlook is optimistic. When things get tough she reaches out to her husband and to her friends for support.