188 Groups Call For An End To Single Use

OUR PLANET IS FRAGILE, and experiencing a dual crisis of runaway climate change and unprecedented biodiversity loss. Global temperature rise may already have passed a point of no return due to escalating CO2 levels in the Earth’s atmosphere, and the decline and loss of species globally means the web of life is unravelling faster than we can repair it.
Forest and ocean ecosystems are fundamental to the health of our planet and our survival. Forests provide up to 30% of the carbon reductions required to stabilize our climate, and are home to 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity; forests purify our air and water, and provide a buffer against disease.
Oceans store vast amounts of carbon dioxide and act as natural solutions to climate change, and they provide rich, complex ecosystems for marine life that also provide billions of people with food and livelihoods.
Yet as we continue to consume natural resources at an unsustainable rate, the resilience of these precious ecosystems is fundamentally undermined.
It’s time to halt our reliance on single-use products altogether. That’s why CAP is joining over 180 organisations to call for an end to single-use, throwaway products.
CAP along with these other organisations is calling on governments, businesses, investors, non-profits, and civil society to reject single-use products in favour of reusable, recyclable, and compostable ones made with the lowest possible environmental and social footprint.
Many of the solutions already exist… reuse and refill systems, products made from 100% recycled materials that can be fed back into a circular system, alternative materials to fossil fuels and tree-based feedstocks, and smart re-design to save on overall material use.
Most importantly, we must work collaboratively to enable transformative action on single-use items. Transformational change to our production, consumption and end-of-use systems will enable a truly circular economy.
Our actions today will reap far-reaching benefits for both ourselves and our natural world.
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