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Day: May 20, 2011

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Consumers Association of Penang(Chinese website) Third World Network FTA Malaysia TWN Biosafety Information Centre Citizens Books Institute of Science and Society Other India Bookstore Multiworldmultiworldindia.orgTV...
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Activities of CAP

CAP is a grassroots non-profit, non-governmental organization registered as a society with the Registrar of Societies, Malaysia since 1970. Through the years, the scope of CAP's concerns has expanded from matters of daily living such as product price and quality to more complex problems of meeting basic human needs, saving the environment from further deterioration, safeguarding human...
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Sections in CAP

To carry out the various activities, CAP has the following sections: RESEARCH SECTION Has various subsections, each focussing on specific issues such as health and nutrition, food and product safety, pharmaceuticals, basic needs, environmental problems, market malpractices, finance, workers’ rights, unethical advertising practices, culture and lifestyle, and issues related to women....
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Objectives To educate consumers, balance consumer needs and degree of protection and to provide relevant consumer rights and entitlements. To advice individual consumers and protect their rights. To ensure prices of goods are fair and appropriate with relevance to its quality and value. To work with the existing laws in order to protect consumer’s interest and general health. To encourage...
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Organisational information

The Consumers Association of Penang, based in Malaysia was founded in 1970. Its activities are conducted from its office in Penang which is run by a staff of dedicated people, who are engaged in education, community organizing and mobilization, research and advocacy, litigation and publications. Its primary aim is to ensure a sustainable model of development that meets the basic needs of the...
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Contact Us

Email: CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION OF PENANG 10 Jalan Masjid Negeri, 11600 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. MARKETING SECTION, 10 Jalan Padang Tembak, 11400 Pulau Pinang. Malaysia. TELEPHONE: 04-8299511 (office) 04-8288106 (marketing) FAX: 04-8298109 (office) Complaining to CAP Consumers who want to make complaints are welcome to do so. Download the complaint form and fill in all the...
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CAP website launched by YB Dato’ Tan Lian Hoe

  The Consumers Association of Penang’s (CAP) English website was launched by YB Dato' Tan Lian Hoe, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism on 13th May 2010 at the Caring Society Complex in Penang.   Below we reproduce excerpts of the speech of CAP’s President, S M Mohd Idris at the opening.   What is CAP? The Consumers...
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SM Mohd Idris answers 10 questions in the Star

We reproduce a feature on CAP’s President in the Star on 30 October 2010. Consumers Association of Penang president S.M. Mohamed Idris fields the 10 questions posed to him by the Star readers.   Would you agree that many times, your concrete suggestions for the betterment of Malaysian Society is taken as criticisms of and by the people in power? Kumar, Rawang Politicians and...
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