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Day: September 30, 2011

Re-registration of commercial vehicles, a necessary hassle

Whether the re-registration exercise of commercial vehicles is a source of contention to transport operators or not it is vital to compile proper records which has hitherto been messy under the Commercial Vehicles Licensing board. The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) should go ahead as planned. Ever since the vehicle re-registeration exercise was started in May there has been endless...
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Ban the use of carbide gas to ripen fruits

A survey by CAP shows that Malaysians are consuming toxic fruits which are ripened by a hazardous chemical, calcium carbide. This poses great health risks to consumers. Calcium carbide has cancer-causing properties and is capable of causing neurological disorders. It can result in tingling sensation, numbness and peripheral neuropathy. If pregnant women consume fruit ripened with carbide, the...
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