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Day: November 14, 2011

Beauty salons – come out with laws not guidelines

In 2009 CAP had raised its concerns about the ugly side of beauty salons and the price one has to pay for beauty.  We had asked the government to ban surgeries and other risky procedures at beauty salons. This call was made when there was a reported case of a death following a botched liposuction procedure – apparently as a result of allergic reaction to the anaesthetic that was administered...
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Conquer obesity in the battle against diabetes

In Malaysia in spite of many campaigns against diabetes its prevalence especially that of Type 2 has increased to epidemic proportions. At the current population of 28 million and at the prevalence rate of 15 percent it is estimated that there are 4.2 million diabetics in Malaysia. The prevalence of diabetes in Malaysia had jumped from 1-2% in 1960. 6.3% in 1985, 8.3% in 1996 and 14.9% in 2006....
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