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Day: April 1, 2014

CAP Very Concerned Over Negative Impacts Of Sand Mining

The Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) is very concerned over sand mining activities in Kedah that has brought about environmental problems and affected the lives of the people here. CAP is disappointed that the issue which has been pending for more than five years until now, has not been tackled effectively by the state authorities.  CAP’s survey found that in addition to degrading the...
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Issue 44-2 Mar-Apr 2014

U N C O M M O N    E X P O S E S ,   V I E W S   &   W I S D O M Bimonthly Paper of Consumers Association of Penang  We have stories which you will not find in other papers -- hard-hitting stuff with no holds barred, for we name the brands, companies or people in our exposes, unlike the commercial papers which are dependent on companies for their advertisements or are owned by...
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