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Month: February 2018

Support for Bar Council’s call for the government to protect Orang Asli customary land rights

SAM would like to voice our support for the statement from the Malaysian Bar Council on February 26 for federal and state governments to take all the necessary actions to protect the Orang Asli customary land rights. The statement illustrates the need for our policymakers to look at the law in its entirety. The law does not only comprise statutory law, it also includes common law, customs and...
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A Clear Mocker Of The Explosives Act

Consumers’ Association of Penang has been reminding various relevant authorities about the violations of the Explosives Act for more than two decades but these calls have fallen on deaf ears. As over the weekend we were a laughing stock when banned firecrackers and fireworks were let off freely without an ounce of fear of breaking the law. The relevant authorities are pussy footing around the...
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The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) is highly concerned with the lack of regard by the authorities for fire safety in our country. At 11.50am on 13 February a fire that started during some maintenance work on the EPF building in Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya was able to spread quickly because the cladding on the exterior wall of the building was made from a material that did not comply...
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Villagers Worried Over Sand Dredging Operation in Sedim, Baling, Kedah

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) is very concerned about the sand dredging operations in  Kampung Pekan Sedim and Kampung Bukit Rawa, Sedim, in the district of Baling, Kedah, of which a large number of villagers here are worried. Residents of four villages in the surrounding area, namely Kampung Bukit Rawa, Kampung Pekan Sedim, Kampung Gelugur and Kampung Kepala Titi expressed their concern over the...
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Shock-ing Toys For Children

Besides the numerous hazardous toys that are on sale in supermarkets, shops and stalls throughout the country, there are novelty items that are capable of giving an electric shock that have made a comeback. It was spotted in a recent survey by the Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) and we were able to buy “Shock Chewing Gum” at RM6.00 each. It is designed to look like Wrigley's chewing...
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Issue 48-1 January-February 2018

  We have stories which you will not find in other papers -- hard-hitting stuff with no holds barred, for we name the brands, companies or people in our exposes, unlike the commercial papers which are dependent on companies for their advertisements or are owned by political parties. You can expect our views and perspectives to be different, for we are on the side of consumers.    
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