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Day: July 13, 2020

Padang Terap Paddy Farmers Face Irrigation Problem

More than 100 farmers from six villages near Kuala Nerang in the district of Padang Terap, Kedah are facing problems because the 200 hectares of paddy fields they cultivate do not have adequate water supply and lacking proper irrigation system. The affected villages are Kampung Padang Gelanggang, Kampung Pokka, Kampung Lubuk Keriang, Kampung Lubuk Labi, Kampung Tanjung and Kampung...
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Why We Buy Stuff That We Don’t Use

Excuses, Excuses All of us have been guilty of making foolish purchases at one time or another. Perhaps yours was the evening dress which you bought at a sale a year ago, but never wore because the colours were a bit too loud. You were never particularly keen on the dress but your friends insisted that it was a good bargain and that the colours were not bright but “fashionable”. Now, every...
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