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Day: January 5, 2021

When Professionals Abuse Their Positions Of Trust

You are excited when the developer sends you a much awaited letter to take vacant possession (VP) of your house. Having taken the keys, you want to get water and electricity connected. But the developer has not given you any application forms, which should be given with the keys. This has been happening and can happen to any house buyer. A purchaser of a condominium unit at Southbay Plaza, Batu...
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Highly irresponsible for states to promote deforestation  

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) is gravely concerned that several states in the country are continuing to promote deforestation for various purposes, instead of taking measures to protect and conserve our remaining forest resources. Such efforts run counter to current thinking and trends in the era of climate change and the post COVID-19 pandemic, which is to promote green recovery efforts and to...
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Heal the medical profession

A report revealed a shocking 70 percent of doctors surveyed admitted that they are victims of bullying while serving in the public sector and 17 per cent of them had contemplated suicide. This is unacceptable because it shows how widespread the bullying culture is and its severity. The statistics are worrying because about 75 percent of the doctors responding to a survey conducted by the Doctors...
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