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Day: February 24, 2021

Big Polluters use “net zero” and carbon markets to hide their climate inaction, says new report from climate justice groups

Several international climate justice organisations including Malaysian based Third World Network and Friends of the Earth International, today released a new report: Chasing Carbon Unicorns: The deception of carbon markets and "net zero". In the lead up to the delayed UN Climate Change Conference (called COP26) scheduled to held in Glasgow, in the United Kingdom later this year, big polluters...
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Civil Society Opposes Interference in Implementing Decision MC-3/2 (Dental Amalgam)

Civil Society Groups (CAP included) Oppose Interference in Implementing Decision MC-3/2 (Dental Amalgam) 78 Civil Society Groups protested in letter to: Monika Stankiewicz, Executive Secretary Minamata Convention on Mercury Geneva Dear Executive Secretary Stankiewicz: On behalf of 78 CSOs from 44 countries, thank you for your leadership to keep the Minamata Convention moving forward during this...
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