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Day: July 28, 2021

EcoWaste Coalition Raises Red Alert Over Lead Contaminated Lipsticks (Dangerous levels of lead in lipsticks make the group see red)

28 July 2021, Quezon City. As the National Lipstick Day is observed on July 29, a toxics watchdog group issued a red alert following its discovery of dirt cheap lipsticks that are heavily contaminated with lead, a chemical banned in cosmetics. The EcoWaste Coalition has warned consumers, especially women of reproductive age, against the proliferation of what it calls as “poison lipsticks,”...
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CAP: Ban the use of rat poison in the form of pellets

  The Consumers Association of Penang calls on the authorities to ban the use of rat poison in the form of pellets. The call is made in view of a number of pet owners whose pets have died after consuming the poison pellets. Prior to the incident pet owners have seen local council workers throwing the pellets on the grass along the road. When confronted the local council workers said that the...
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