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Day: January 18, 2023

Hidden Toxic Chemicals in Lucky Charms and Amulets

Chinese New Year is just around the corner – a time when lucky charms and amulets are much sought after. If you’re thinking of buying them, be forewarned: Tests on such items in the Philippines have uncovered toxic lead and cadmium in them. The Ecowaste Coalition in the Philippines has just issued an alert on the matter. Read their press release below for the full details....
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THE BATANG KALI LANDSLIDE – A National Dilemma or Symptomatic Problem?

by Gary Khaeril Zach, Director of EDUTREE Services Traditionally, December is the time people take time off to relax, retreat and recuperate, especially for the city weary folks of Klang Valley and the surrounding urban areas. However, in the cool and quiet hours of 16 December, when Malaysia was asleep a tragedy began to unfold. First and foremost and with all due respect, our deepest regret...
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