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Day: March 29, 2023


In a recent study, scientists examined the DNA of almost 1,200 samples of E. coli taken from the urine and blood of individuals infected with Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), as well as the DNA of more than 1,900 samples of E. coli from raw meat including chicken, turkey, and pork. When they evaluated all of these samples in the lab, researchers found that about 8% of UTIs may be caused by E....
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Road noise makes blood pressure rise, study finds

A study that analysed data from more than 240,000 people, aged 40 to 69 years who started out without hypertension, found that people living near road traffic noise were more likely to develop hypertension. And that risk increased in tandem with the noise "dose". Academics said the new research was a "game-changer" that could affect future environment policy. Read more:  
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