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Day: May 29, 2023

Is recycling creating a toxic chemical problem?

Research just published by the US Environment Protection Agency has found that recycled paper and construction materials “contained greater numbers of chemicals than virgin products”. Some 733 identified chemicals, including flame retardants, solvents and dyes, “had greater occurrence in recycled compared to virgin materials”. The authors of the paper, published in Environmental Science...
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Plant-based diets good for the heart

A review of 4 decades of data – which looked at 30 trials since 1982 and involved nearly 2,400 people from around the world – shows vegetarian and vegan diets cut bad cholesterol by 10%, total cholesterol by 7%, and apolipoprotein B (the main protein in bad cholesterol) by 14%. High levels of bad cholesterol lead to fatty deposits building up in blood vessels, which can eventually cause...
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Batteries are the environmental Achilles heel of electric vehicles – unless we repair, reuse and recycle them

Batteries are the most expensive component of an electric vehicle. If the battery pack is damaged, defective or simply old, this can lead to the vehicle being written off prematurely. Increasingly scarce and valuable resources, such as lithium and water, are needed to make these batteries. Despite this, they are often not designed for ease of repair, reuse or recycling. This has significant...
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Your gut – i.e. your digestive system or your gastrointestinal (GI) system – plays an important role in your health. Gut health affects more than just digestion, it can have tangible effects on your mood, immune system and more. Do you know: We have brain cells in our large intestines. Your gut is your second brain. Chemicals implicated in depression and happiness such as serotonin, are...
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