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Day: June 16, 2023

500+ International Groups: Biden Must Stop Fossil Fuel Expansion Ahead of September Climate Summit

WASHINGTON (15 June 2023) – More than 500 groups, from 6 continents, sent a letter to President Biden today demanding he stop fossil fuel expansion ahead of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’s Climate Ambition Summit this September. The letter demands the world’s top polluter take urgent action to phase out fossil fuel production and slow global climate catastrophe. The latest climate...
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Natural materials, like banana leaves, can be good alternatives to plastic for everyday packaging use.  The leaves are flexible and can be easily folded, making it perfect for packaging. They’re also big enough for wrapping large food items. Banana leaves are waterproof, don't leach any chemicals onto the food and once the customer is done with the packaging, the leaves are compostable,...
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