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Day: July 11, 2023

Here’s a better way to dispose of used cooking oil

Don’t pour used cooking oil down the drain. Those oils can damage your home’s pipes and build up in municipal sewers. Oil and fats act as a glue, holding assorted sewer detritus together to create fatbergs, causing backups that require costly manual removal. Commercially marketed "oil solidifiers" – or a household substance called stearic acid – can transform the oil into a congealed...
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Rise of the Robots: UN Tries to Tackle ‘Mind-blowing’ Growth of AI

By Robin Millard GENEVA: The mind-blowing growth of artificial intelligence poses many questions that have no answers yet, the United Nations admitted on July 6 at its AI summit, attended by some exceptionally life-like humanoid robots. The UN is aware that AI technology is racing ahead of the capacity to set its boundaries and directions, and so it brought together some of the best minds on...
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