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Day: September 14, 2023

Ultra-Processed Foods: What Everyone Needs to Know

They make up a large part of the modern diet – and the risks are becoming ever more evident. Here is how to recognise ultra processed foods (UPFs) and find healthier alternatives, excerpted from The Guardian (6 September 2023). What is ultra-processed food? Almost all food is processed to some extent. Even if you cook from scratch, you probably use, say, flour, olive oil and tinned tomatoes,...
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Eating fruits whole is healthier than drinking fruit juice, even if it’s 100% pure fruit juice. Fruit juice is a more concentrated source of sugars than whole fruit. For example, there are 12 grams of sugars in a medium orange, but a cup of orange juice has 21 grams. A cup of grape juice has about as much sugars as 50 grapes. Fruit juice also has very little fibre – even the pulp in 100%...
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