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Day: November 30, 2023

Tell-Tale Signs of Nutrient Deficiency

Our body often gives us signs when our nutrition is not on track. Fatigue, muscle aches, brittle hair and nails, mouth ulcers, hair loss, scaly skin patches, and more are all signs that you’re not getting enough nutrients for your body’s needs. Night blindness or example, is frequently due to low intakes of Vitamin A. Mouth ulcers (or canker sores) are often the result of deficiencies in B...
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GEG demise: It’s easier to fly to Mars than to flay Big Tobacco

by David Christy THE anti-smoking law in New Zealand was reduced to ashes by the new government because it needed the money from cigarette taxes. In Malaysia, the Generational Endgame Bill (GEG) was incinerated because of a provision that violated the Constitution. So we are told. Congratulations to Mr Big Tobacco and your allies. You have done it! More will certainly give up the ghost before...
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Inefficient Air-Cons are Being Dumped in Southeast Asia

Most air-cons that Southeast Asians are buying are inefficient energy guzzlers, recent research has found. They may also be obsolete in the countries that are exporting them, according to a report by non-governmental organisation CLASP, which focuses on research and promotion of appliance efficiency and energy access. Some of the appliances also contain refrigerants with high global warming...
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Building Under Construction Collapses: Authorities Need To Take Strong Action

The Penang Consumer Association (CAP) is shocked and disappointed when another building under construction collapsed. A Commission of Inquiry should be established immediately to investigate this incident. The accident involving the collapse occurred at a logistics warehouse under construction in Batu Maung, Bayan Lepas, Penang with three confirmed dead while two were seriously injured. CAP...
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