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Day: May 20, 2024

Unveiling the Dark Realities of the Pet Trade

Much is said about the cruelties involved in the pet industry but many pet buyers who purchase their pets from pet shops are ignorant or unaware of where the breeds – purebreds, crossbreeds, or mixed breeds – originate from. Puppy mills and backyard breeders are the well-kept secret of the pet trade industry. Often hidden from public view, these breeding facilities mass produce dogs for sale...
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In conjunction with World Bee Day, CAP held an awareness talk programme at 3 schools in Pengkalan Hulu, Perak today on the importance of bees and how to save them. About 100 primary school students and teachers attended the programme. The schools involved were SJKT Pengkalan Hulu, SK Pengkalan Hulu and SJK (C) Eok Wan Pengkalan Hulu. At the end of the programme, each school received 10 plants...
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6 Reasons Why We Need Biodiversity

Scientists are sounding the alarm about the poor state of biodiversity. Across the globe, 1 million species are threatened with imminent extinction. Nature areas and ecosystems are being sacrificed hand over foot. Why do we need biodiversity? Below are 6 reasons you should know. 1. Climate change and biodiversity are inextricably linked.Nature plays a crucial role in the fight against climate...
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Squeaky plastic pet toys have been found to be contaminated with toxic chemicals banned in children’s toys, cautions Philippines toxics watchdog group Ecowaste Coalition. The toys could also pose a risk to humans who come into contact with them. Here are the details from the group’s 17 May 2024 press release....
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