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Day: July 10, 2024

BANNED: Two Face Creams Containing Scheduled Poisons

The Health Ministry has revoked the notification of 2 cosmetic products – Ailas Wild Rose Petal Face Cream and Desha Night Cream (Moisturizer) – after they were found to contain the scheduled poisons mercury and tretinoin. "Mercury is prohibited in cosmetic products because it can be absorbed into the body, potentially causing kidney damage, nervous system damage, and disrupting brain...
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Human beings do not own the earth, we are merely its caretakers. We have a duty to protect it for the future generations, so we must leave it better than we found it. What we do to our planet will affect children today, and children of the future, far more than ourselves. Keep our earth clean, green and sustainable. And teach our children the importance of doing so. What we teach the young today...
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How the recycling symbol lost its meaning

“The recycling logo still gives anything it touches — whether feasible to recycle or not — a green aura. Surveys show that a majority of Americans believe recycling is one of the most effective ways they can fight climate change, when experts say it's unlikely to make much of a difference in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. That's a credit to the iconic triangle, which has had 50 years to...
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A Fight Over the Future of Recycling Brews as Plastics Legislation Gains Traction

INC4 News Chemical companies, oil-and-gas incumbents and startups around the world are touting plans for new recycling facilities, promising to turn old bottles and bags into usable material. But policymakers are questioning whether some of these methods, broadly termed chemical or advanced recycling, should be considered recycling at all. In June, during last-minute negotiations on a New York...
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Concerns Over Dissolution of MAVCOM

On 26th June 2024, the Malaysian Parliament passed the Malaysian Aviation Commission (Dissolution) Bill 2024, which will lead to the dissolution of MAVCOM. Consequently, all properties, funds, rights, and functions of MAVCOM will be transferred to the Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia (CAAM) under the Ministry of Transport (MOT). The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) expresses grave...
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Coffee, eggs and white rice linked to higher levels of PFAS in human body

Study that researchers say highlights chemicals’ ubiquity also shows PFAS association with seafood and red meat New research aimed at identifying foods that contain higher levels of PFAS found people who eat more white rice, coffee, eggs and seafood typically showed more of the toxic chemicals in their plasma and breast milk. The study checked samples from 3,000 pregnant mothers, and is...
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