About 500 residents in Kampung Sematang Tepi Laut and Kampung Tengku Laksamana, Kuala Kedah, Kedah face various problems  because of the access road to their village is badly damaged.

The road conditions not only affect their comfort but also could threaten the safety of the villagers if not repaired immediately.

The Consumers Association of Penang (CAP)’s survey found that the 3km stretch of road in the area have broken surfaces and potholes and becomes muddy in the rainy season.

This situation not only affect the daily activities of the fishermen in the village but also children who commute to school.

The problem faced by the residents here since the last 10 years has been brought to the attention of the authorities by the residents but until now no action has been taken.

Hence CAP urges the Kedah government and the local authority to investigate the complaint of the damaged roads in both the villages and take immediate action to address it.

CAP is disappointed that although this problem faced by the villagers has been pending for a long time but until now has not received the attention of the responsible party.

Therefore, CAP requests the state government and local authorities to investigate this matter immediately because we are concerned of untoward incidents and further inconvenience to the villagers.

These basic facilities should be safe for road users. CAP got to know that many villages in rural areas in the State do not have good roads.

CAP requests the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development to intervene on this issue so that the residents can enjoy good facilities in the future.

Media Statement, 31 December 2016