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The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) is a grassroots non-profit, civil society organisation based in Malaysia; established in 1969 to promote critical awareness and action among consumers in order to uphold their rights and interests. CAP’s activities are conducted from its office in Penang, engaging in education, community mobilisation, research, advocacy, training and publication.

Through the years CAP has expanded its concerns from matters of daily living such as price and quality of goods and services to the more complex issues of meeting basic human needs and welfare, protecting the environment and public health, and challenging conventional development goals and processes.

CAP is dedicated to helping people become more responsible consumers and to protecting them from abuse and malpractices in the market place – exposing unethical business behaviour, such as hazards in products and food and pharmaceuticals. We focus on encouraging sustainable and ethical consumption and challenge lifestyles and practices that are unsustainable, unethical, inequitable and environmentally destructive.