Achuran Koran, fondly called Mano, is much loved by everyone in CAP for his soft-spoken and helpful nature.

His journey in CAP started in the 1970s when Subbarow introduced the organisation to him. The late Mr Rajean, the then Head of the Rural Section welcomed Mano wholeheartedly and appreciated his assistance in conducting activities in CAP’s early days.

Mano was working in a packaging factory in those days and whenever he was free, he would quickly cycle to CAP to give a helping hand in whatever way is needed. After getting a more stable job at the Penang Port Commission, his attachment to CAP became even stronger and he actively got involved in all the activities organised by CAP and SAM during the weekends.

His involvement in the Save Batu Caves Campaign was his most unforgettable experience and he spoke about it often to his fellow colleagues.

Mano also got involved in the Tamil Section’s work and used to travel outstation to assist in all the manual work required for conducting programmes. He was very capable and efficient in setting up all the props needed for the programme.

He used to travel with Subba every month to Kuala Lumpur for the Utusan Tamil’s layout work which was done there, and would spend at least two to three nights there until the work was completed. Immediately, upon returning from the trip, he would head for work in the Penang Port Commission. Such was his dedication.

During the Tamil Section’s programmes he easily mingled with participants from all walks of life – from politicians, teachers, youth groups, NGO leaders and NUPW members to estate workers.

He made remarkable contributions in all the general work he was involved in during CAP’s Annual Seminars, Anti-Samsu Campaigns in estates, and Anti-Tobacco campaigns, among others.

The success of all of CAP’s Anti-Sugar Campaigns in hospitals in Penang, Ipoh, Melaka and Johor Bharu was made possible by his notable contribution.

Mano also acted in a drama, Danger of Samsu where he played the role of a drunken and abusive husband. The drama was filmed at Sungai Ular estate in Kulim, Kedah and was shown in RTM news.

When the Tamil Section started developing CAP’s model natural farm, Mano’s contributed greatly in converting the tarred road in our office compound into a farming ground. He worked tirelessly to remove the stones, bricks and unwanted items from the ground.

Unfortunately, due to his poor health condition and request from his family members, Mano had to withdraw from garden work and engage himself in less laborious desk-bound work.

His love for garden work did not end there. Even when he was doing desk bound work, he still insisted in tending to the garden and personally took the trouble to clean and plant lovely plants in the area outside the Presidents’ room in CAP. He wanted to make sure that the late President, SM Mohamed Idris who was a nature lover himself could enjoy a view of this garden.

He also insisted on cutting the hedges outside the CAP gate in front of the office and everyday he would trim and look after that part of the garden as well.