Amina’s Toxic Neighbour

Waste Imports in Malaysia

This infographic paints a picture of how the waste trade impacts us all. Plastic overproduction and overconsumption manifest in an increased generation of waste.

The reality is many of these wastes are not being processed responsibly. Some countries have been exporting plastic wastes meant for recycling in their own facilities to other countries like ours without any care to the impacts on the recipient country’s capabilities, environment, and public health.

Malaysia imported 510,897 tonnes of plastic waste in 2021(1). Data on the major exporters to Malaysia and the types of plastic wastes they exported can be accessed through the link to Basel Action Network’s website(2) below. These reports were based on official global trade and the Malaysian government’s data.

The illegal dumping, questionable practices of some local operators, and subsequent hazards to our local environment and public health remain significant in waste trade issues.

Suggested Actions:
o Take photos/videos of reckless dumping; soil, water, and air pollution of the wastes, and submit them directly to the Department of Environment’s website, e-Aduan.
o Urge your local council/PBT to follow up on the reports/complaints of the pollution.
o Urge your local MP to support a government ban on all plastic waste exports to Malaysia.
o Call on the Malaysian government to support the global call to reduce plastic production/consumption.
o Support a global petition to #StopShippingPlasticWaste to demand global shipping companies stop transporting plastic waste to less developed countries.…/stopshippingplasticwaste

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