Beach in Kuala Perlis polluted with rubbish


The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) urges the Perlis state government and Kangar Municipal Council (Majlis Perbandaran Kangar – MPK) to pay serious attention and take immediate action to resolve the problem of waste pollution in the coastal areas of Kuala Perlis.

CAP is disappointed that although this issue has been longstanding and public have complained regarding the sorry state of the beach but the situation has not changed and instead has become worse.

CAP’s survey found that about 3km stretch of the beach near the stalls selling food and drinks in the area were strewn with waste such as plastic, polystyrene, paper, tin and wood.

CAP also detected a location on the waterfront that is being used for burning garbage and discarded tree branches.

The drains behind the stalls in this area are stagnant with sullage and food waste which has caused bad odour.

In addition, CAP also found the grates where public especially children usually gather were rusted and nearly broken. There is also a drain in this area which is not closed and may threaten the safety of visitors especially at night.

CAP hopes the state government and the municipal council will investigate this problem and take action as soon as possible before untoward incidents happen.

CAP requests MPK to take stringent legal action against those who had violated the law and contributed to the waste and odour pollution affecting the coastal area and drains around the food stalls here.

CAP believes that if effective action is not taken soon, this problem will become more serious in the future where the waters of Kuala Perlis and the entire coastal area of ​​this state will be contaminated with garbage and unpleasant stench.

Press Release 23rd March 2015