Call for immediate halt to sales of Similac Baby Formula

The Consumers Association of Penang is disturbed to read a Reuters report that Similac Baby formula manufactured by Abbott Laboratories Inc. has recalled millions of containers of the baby formula believed to be beetle-tainted in the United States. Similac Baby Formula is also sold here in Malaysia.
The decision to voluntarily recall the product came about when two consumer reports were made on the contamination.
The manufacturers have also voluntarily recalled the formula in Guam, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean markets.

To date, both the company and the Malaysian health authorities have not made any move to recall the product from the Malaysian market. In cases like these the precautionary principle should prevail.

In the interest of consumer safety, CAP calls on the Ministry of Health to take up the matter and initiate an immediate recall of the product until its safety can be ascertained.

CAP also advices mothers to breastfeed their infants as “breast is the best”.

Letter to the Editor – 30 September 2010