Memorandum on Malaysia’s nuclear power proposal

CAP and Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) oppose the development of nuclear power plants in Malaysia and are very disturbed to read that the government has already decided on the proposed nuclear energy programme without genuine public consultation. Nuclear power has been generating energy for the world for more than half a century, but it is not without problems. It is an expensive, uneconomic, unsafe, polluting and dangerous technology. It creates nuclear waste of which there is yet a safe way to store and the potential for catastrophic accidents. Nuclear power is not only potentially disastrous to human lives and the environment, but is also now economically, socially and environmentally inferior to other new energy technologies.
As such, we are submitting a memorandum to the Malaysian Government and other agencies raising our concerns on serious public health, environmental, radioactive waste, nuclear catastrophe, energy cost, efficiency and policy reform issues which need to be addressed.

Download the Memorandum here


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