CAP and SAM glad that proposed offshore project has been scrapped

CAP and Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) are very glad that the proposed creation of offshore concrete structures for mixed development slated to be developed on the West Coast of Penang Island has been scrapped.

CAP and SAM have been vehemently opposing this project since October 2012.  We had sent our objections to the Penang State Government with preliminary comments based on the proposal paper submitted by the project’s consultant to the State. A preliminary assessment by a scientist consulted by us highlighted the environmental impacts that would arise from this project.

The anchoring of piles into the bedrock to support the concrete structure would in itself cause much destruction to the marine flora and fauna. Besides this we had pointed out that the proposed project would be detrimental to the coastal environment, mangrove forests, livelihood of the fisher community and more destruction to the environment in Penang Island due to the development of supporting infrastructure such as road widening.

CAP and SAM had also strongly declined the invitation by the Project consultant to be a member of the Advisory Panel of the said Project.  In fact in a letter dated 13 December 2012 to the consultant we recommended that the project idea is scrapped.

In short we are happy that this whole debacle is finally over.  We hope that the investors would not take this same project idea to Myanmar, Thailand or any other state because a project of this scale and nature is destructive wherever it is implemented.

Press Statement, 16 January 2013