CAP Calls for Rehabilitation of Paddy Fields in Kampung Ewa, Langkawi

The Consumers Association of Penang urges the Department of Agriculture Kedah and the Drainage and Irrigation Department to take immediate action to assist 30 farmers in Kampung Ewa, Langkawi Island to rehabilitate their paddy fields which have remained idle for the past three years.

The paddy fields covering about 100 acres have been left unattended due to insufficient water supply to irrigate the paddy fields in this village.

Field investigation carried out by CAP found that the idle land is caused by non-functioning water pumps, damaged water storage dam and an impaired irrigation system.

Farmers informed CAP that previously they were able to get an income of more than RM1,500 per acre of land but now are suffering from total loss of income from their farms and have to seek alternative livelihood.

The farmers have raised this matter in the Langkawi Farmers Area Organization (Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan Langkawi) but until now no actions have been taken by any departments or agencies to resolve their problem.

CAP hopes that the relevant authorities will investigate and take appropriate action to resolve the farmers’ problems. CAP believes that if left unresolved not only the future of the farmers will be affected but also our food supply.

Press Statement, 15th April 2016