CAP is Concerned That Coastal Erosion in Melaka Becoming More Serious

The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) urges the Melaka government to investigate and take immediate action to overcome the coastal erosion problem in the state which is becoming more critical.

The erosion here has not only threatened the environment in the area but also affected the daily activities of the fisher communities.

In a survey conducted at Pantai Puteri, Tanjung Keling CAP found that about 500 metres of the beach has been eroded while in Tanjung Dahan near Kuala Linggi about 300 metres of the beach area here also face erosion.

Dozens of trees along the coast have fallen and several fishing sheds have been damaged due to the coastal erosion. CAP is concerned that the erosion at these two areas is becoming more serious and getting closer to the roads and houses along the coast. Immediate action needs to be taken to curb the erosion.

The erosion over the past six months has caused anxiety among the fisherfolk here because fallen tree twigs and wood waste that drift into the sea often get stuck in their nets and cause damage.
About 200 fishers here also find it difficult to moor the boat as the eroded coastal area has collapsed and become steep. They have to push or pull the boat using a pulley every time they return from the sea.

CAP believes if this problem is not acted upon the situation will become more critical. Coastal erosion can spread widely, escalating environmental destruction and the damage to properties along the coast will definitely increase.

Therefore, CAP hopes that the Melaka government, relevant departments and agencies will conduct a study on the cause of the coastal erosion. The main focus should be on land reclamation activities and the passage of merchant ships that may be contributing to the coastal erosion problems in the state.

In addition, the problem of mud sedimentation and narrowing fishing areas of local fishermen that have affected their livelihood should be addressed immediately. CAP regrets that although the fishermen have voiced their grievances but until now the problem has not received due attention from the authorities.

CAP urges the Melaka state government to disclose to the public the results of the study of the cause of the coastal erosion and the measures taken to overcome the problem.