Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) urges the Johor government, the Department of Environment (DOE), and the Local Government to pay serious attention and take firm legal action to deal with the problem of river pollution in Pasir Gudang that has been going on for a long time.

Commenting on the state Health and Environment Committee Chairman Ling Tian Soon’s statement on this problem, CAP regrets that to date four rivers, namely Sungai Tukang Batu, Sungai Perembi, Sungai Buluh, and Sungai Kim Kim, continue to be polluted at levels three and four. This situation is of great concern to CAP because the pollution can spread and threaten the environment and the lives of local residents more seriously in the future.

The incident of toxic waste pollution that occurred in Pasir Gudang involving Sungai Kim Kim in the past is a tragic event that cannot be forgotten because it has had a very bad effect on the lives of nearly 6,000 residents, including school students in the area.

CAP believes that the weakness of law enforcement and the lack of decisive action taken against the parties who are the cause of this problem have caused the situation to become more critical.  It can be life-threatening as well as harmful to aquatic life such as fish, prawns, crabs, and many others that live in the river, as well as the nearby sea. This can negatively affect fishermen’s livelihood.

Mangrove forest areas where marine life breed will also be threatened and destroyed if toxic waste from industrial factories is not effectively controlled through close monitoring and strict legal action by the government. CAP insists that the Environmental Quality Act 1974 needs to be effectively enforced, and continuous and more frequent monitoring should be done by PBT in all industrial areas in the state as well as locations that are the target of illegal dumping of factory waste, such as drainage and rivers.

CAP requests the state government, DOE and PBT to disclose to the public from time to time the status and level of river pollution occurring in the Pasir Gudang area so that it can ease the concerns of the residents and the fishing community who are always exposed to this problem.



Mohideen Abdul Kader
Consumers Association of Penang (CAP)

Press Statement, 4 March 2024