CAP’s Agroecological Urban Gardening Project Listed in Transformative Cities ATLAS OF UTOPIAS

Atlas of Utopias, the Transformative Cities compilation of local utopias from all across the globe, has been revised and updated – 40 communities from 34 cities and 23 countries – and CAP’s urban farming and gardening project is listed in it.

The Atlas showcases stories from communities around the world involved in transformation of housing, water, food and energy policies and practices. All human beings need water, food, energy, and housing to survive, and the Atlas shows extraordinary examples of people ensuring access to their human rights.

The Atlas highlights alternative futures and how communities across the world are creating & experimenting these futures, & sharing their stories to inspire others.

The compilation is based on a peer-review evaluation process by an interdisciplinary team of scholars, activists, policy makers and international NGOs’ representatives.

CAP was among the finalists in the Transformative Cities People’s Choice Award in 2022 – the first time a Malaysian project has been selected – and we are happy that our urban farming work is now featured in the Atlas of Utopias.


“This agroecological urban farming movement is a positive vision based on the principles of simple, low-cost, traditional, healthy sustainable food that challenges the dominant narrative of the industrial food system. They demonstrate that you can grow your own food anywhere – small yard, balcony, or street corner. This project connects people to nature and each other, creating a movement of small farmers and urban dwellers who are together building a sustainable future and ensuring food sovereignty.”


“The persistence that the initiative shows over years, sectors and systems is impressive. The very clear call to action as an answer to the very complex challenges of food sovereignty, poverty and food production is an inspiring example of creating a simple but powerful narrative that ‘talks’ directly to our society in future tense. Especially valuable is the fact that schools are the main beneficiaries of the idea and implementation of the Urban gardening initiatives of PENANG where students build habits, skills and knowledge around food production.” – Yanina Jason

Check out the full report on CAP’s initiative in the Atlas of Utopias here:

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