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Toyota’s tall tales? (part2)

HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF... Same Vehicle Model, and Same Story by Toyota On 12 December 2006, another Toyota Vios 1.5E(A), under similar circumstances, ie traveling at about 10 km/hour, suffered the same fate. In this case, the treaded part of the steering rack end broke off completely. This car had traveled 6,614km (the earlier case, 6,827km). Toyota took exactly the same stance in handling the...
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Manufacturer’s guarantees – What are your rights

Some defects become obvious immediately after you have begun using a newly bought product. If your hair drier becomes faulty after you have used it only once, then the easiest solution would be to take it back to the retailer and claim a refund or replacement. But what if the fault only becomes apparent after the item has been used for some time? For example, your automatic washing machine may...
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Cracked car lamp replaced

Habibah bte Jaafar complained about her car's cracked headlamp. “In December 1997, I noticed a problem with the left head lamp of my one-year-old Proton Tiara. There was water in it. I took the car to the USPD Service Centre in Muar on 31 December 1997, where the two servicemen informed me that the lamp was cracked. However, the strange thing was that the lamp was found to be cracked from...
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New tyre that burst

Wong Seak Yoong of Batu Gajah, Perak, complained to Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) about a burst tyre. “About 10 months ago, I bought four brand-new Goodyear tyres from an agent, United Tyre of Jalan Pusing, Batu Gajah. Then recently, while coming back from Kuala Lumpur, one of the back tyres suddenly burst whilst I was travelling along the highway. After I discovered a two-inch-long...
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Defective new car replaced

En Ghazali of Air Itam, Penang purchased a new 1.6 Waja on 31 July 2001. The car started giving him trouble six months later i.e in November 2001 when he was in Kuala Lumpur. The engine stalled intermitently and when he managed to get it started, he drove to EON Damansara/Kepong for a check up. He had to leave it for four days. After collecting the car he drove to Bandar Utama. One hour later...
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