Asia city officials, groups showcase solutions to plastic pollution 

Penang, Malaysia  (13 October  2019) — Hundreds  of local government  officials and non-government organizations (NGOs) in Asia are meeting in a two-day international conference in Penang, Malaysia to showcase solutions and discuss policies that will help bring an end to plastic pollution—and usher in sustainable, Zero Waste Cities in the region.  The conference organized by the Global Alliance for Incinerator …

The last thing the people need is to be burdened by increased rates

Penang’s two local councils, the MBPP and MBSP, have increased the assessment rates of a total of 322,549 and 327,401 properties on the island and Seberang Perai respectively. The reasons given for this move is that the local councils had not reviewed for the past 15 years and that they are experiencing an annual deficit …

Turn Little India into a vehicle-free zone


CAP congratulates the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) for granting permits to the traders to set up canopies and carry out their business freely for Deepavali at Little India, Georgetown, Penang. In fact MPPP should turn Little India into a permanent vehicle-free-zone. This will enable people to walk around freely and safely while shopping. It will be a paradise for tourists and the government encourages that.

Sheer waste of water due to leaking tank, Lengkok Mahsuri Flats, Bayan Baru, Penang

CAP is very disappointed that the leaking water tanks on the rooftop of several blocks in Lengkok Mahsuri has yet to be repaired and this has caused large amounts of water to be wasted.

The problem of leaking water tanks has been going on since five years ago, causing water to spill out all the time and more overflow occurs at night. The residents and CAP had complained to the relevant authorities but till now the problem has not been solved.