The rights of an ant

Raju Z Moray

I SAW a little red ant crawling up my sleeve. Without batting an eyelid I slapped it out of existence. Nothing unusual? Right! You would have done the same thing yourself? Absolutely! Now just wait a minute. Think of it this way. I just sentenced a living creature to death. It had done me no harm. It was probably just lost and trying to find its way home. To its loved ones, waiting. But I had a fear. Fear that it may bite me. So it was my problem. My psychological problem. And I killed another living creature because of it.

Oh no, not monkeys in apartments

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) is pleased that the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry is reviewing the licences of pet owners in urban and apartment buildings and hopefully will also stop issuing them licences.

Apartments and industrial areas are not ideal places for the keeping of macaques. Life in captivity would be stressful for the animals in addition to the stress experienced as a result of captivity and confinement.